Myths are everywhere and saying that they are associated with the mattress industry wouldn’t really shock anyone. Having said that, it is a given fact that it is not that all firm mattresses are good for back pain. So, the question arises what exactly makes you sleep peacefully without the trace of any pain in body, especially back pain…

Here, below are some points that will help you in choosing the right mattress to alleviate back pain.

Is Firm Mattress Always Better?

Doctors’ advice people to sleep on hard surfaces or firm mattresses if they face pain. Although, after researches and studies in the same topic, it is revealed that not all pains can be reduced through this tip of sleeping on a firmer mattress. In one of the studies, 300 people were asked to sleep on a medium-firm to firm mattresses. After 90 days of the study, people who slept on the medium-firm mattresses reported considerable reduction of pain. On the other hand, those who slept on firm mattresses had more pain as compared to other category of people. So, it is a given statement that firm or medium-firm mattresses work on some. Means, it doesn’t work on everyone.

Checking Firmness of Mattress Before the Purchase

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It is not that every mattress is best for you. Means, you have to have a certain understanding towards the firmness required. For example, some people are really fine with medium firmness of a mattress. Others might not need medium firmness but a bit more towards the harder side. So, in short, firmness of a mattress depends on the kind of body requirements you possess. In cases where you opt for a particular firmness and notice pain has increased, then obviously the firmness is not right for you. Trying these tricks however helps.

  • Instead of placing mattress on the bed, put it on the floor and then sleep.
  • You can also try putting a plywood under the bed to minimize movement.

Also, note that the b are those which have all these features and traits.

Alleviate Pain by Rotating the Mattress

There is another notion about rotating and flipping your mattresses. But the question which is often asked is, how much of flipping and rotating is enough for a mattress? Well, that actually depends on the age of the mattress. There are no perfect parameters to assess number of times mattresses should be flipped. You can however check the following to know the answer perhaps.

  • Feel the texture as in the firmness of the mattress
  • Notice the frequency as well as intensity of pain when you get up in morning
  • Also see if the mattress is sagging or not

If there is even a slight increase in any of the above-mentioned points, then it is time to not just rotate or flip the mattress. Instead, it is time to change the mattress. 

Sleeping on a Non-Toxic Mattress

Studies and research reveal that all those who have autoimmune conditions are basically exposed to chemicals in the house (mostly found in the mattresses). Chemicals in the mattresses emits strong odor and contains toxic ingredients like petroleum-based chemicals, plastics, flame inducing chemicals, foam, etc.

When you are looking to buy a mattress, it is a must to find those which are nontoxic. Those which are made out of organic items like cotton and bamboo.

Can Nights be Pain Free After Choosing Right Mattress?